Devon Labour Briefing

Devon Labour Briefing (formally Exeter Labour Briefing) was a civic organisation based in the south-west of England which in the 1980s sought to move the Labour Party towards socialist policies.

Exeter Labour Briefing 1983-84
A personal account of the setting up of Exeter Labour Briefing and of its work.
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A police spy in Exeter in the late 1980s
In the 1980s a police spy attended a Devon Labour Briefing meeting. The article gives a brief account of the incident.
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Attempted expulsion of editors of Devon Labour Briefing
In 1986 three supporters of Devon Labour Briefing were threatened with expulsion. This mini article notes the incident.
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Fran Jenkin
Fran Jenkin (died 23 July 2010) was a socialist activist and supporter of Devon Labour Briefing.
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