Woolmer Hill School

This page brings together links to articles about Woolmer Hill Secondary School, Haslemere, Surrey in the mid 1970s.

Woolmer Hill School, Haslemere 1973-78
The article consists of a number of short memory sketches of different aspects of life at the school. Most of the material was written in 2003 for entries on the Friends Reunited notice boards.
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Woolmer Hill teachers 1973-78
The article collects memories of teachers at Woolmer Hill. Mostly written from the perspective of the author, the article lists selected teachers alphabetically and comments on them.
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Corporal Punishment at Woolmer Hill School in the mid 1970s
The article examines the use and role of corporal punishment in the school.
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Uniform at Woolmer Hill School in the mid 1970s
The article examines school uniform, its effects on pupils and reactions to it.
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Romance and Sex at Woolmer Hill in the 1970s
The article examines a relationship between a sixteen-year-old boy and girl in their year-long liaison during their last year at the school.
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The following, though not just about Woolmer Hill School, are closely related to the topic.

Aspects of Haslemere: memories from the 1970s
The article focusses on several memories of Haslemere from the 1970s and concludes with an account of a visit to the town made in 2015.
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Friends Reunited Closes Its Doors
Friends Reunited was a social networking site which ran from the 2000s till January 2016. The site provided a place where ex-pupils from schools could post their memories.
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Unknown said...

Hello Ben, your blog about Woolmer Hill School was brought to my attention by an older pupil who I now work with. What a fantastic read; you have a great use of the English language so Woolmer Hill must have got something right !!
Anyway, I am the said Gail W (Weingartner) who pushed Mr Anning in the swimming pool that day and it was fun to read your account. You actually remember more about the event than I do but I dare say the adrenalin was rampant on the day in question.
There were photos taken but I lent them to someone, never to be seen again and so no longer have them unfortunately. There's a lesson there somewhere.
Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your memories about Woolmer Hill and thanks for the mention - Gail
PS, I hope I have done this correctly because I'm not brilliant with technology but I am on Facebook - Byeee

Anonymous said...

Gail W.

Much respect to you.

I saw the swimming pool incident and thought it was utterly brilliant. I bet you were on edge in the hours and days that came after your famous push.

Headmasters aren't necessarily there to be liked by the pupils, but Anning took things way too far - he was genuinely disliked intensely by most people.