This page provides links to the less ephemeral posts in the blog. While, of course, the blog is organised chronologically, this index groups the posts under headings.

Social and Political Comment
Comments about social and political affairs. My main interests are socialist politics and civil liberties in England.
The Fortnum and Mason Affair
Kettling: mass arrest for collective punishment
New Labour's Repressive Legacy
Riots in England: summer 2011
Ian Tomlinson: the meaning of his death
Vladimir Derer: his argument is still valid today
Islamophobia is not a modern day Anti-Semitism

Philosophy and Political Concepts
The posts here are more abstract and are not comments on contemporary events.
Dialectics Explained Simply
Dialectical Materialism: its meaning and scope a longer article focusing on the dialectics of nature
Disproving Marxism: is it possible?
Empiricism: the one legged philosophy
Historical Materialism: a short working definition
Stalinism: its meaning and role
How Rulers Rule: Three Types of Regime
The Inevitability of Inference
Truth: necessary and contingent

Devon Labour Briefing
Devon Labour Briefing was a socialist project in the 1980s based in Exeter in the south-west of England.
Exeter Labour Briefing 1983-84

Woolmer Hill School, Haslemere, Surrey
Woolmer Hill School is to be found in Haslmere in the south-east of England. The posts are mostly related to events occurring the mid 1970s.
Woolmer Hill School, Haslemere 1973-78
Mr Anning Remembered 1973-77
Woolmer Hill teachers 1973-77
Corporal Punishment at Woolmer Hill School in the mid 1970s
Going home and the little chef
Mr Anning goes swimming
Uniform at Woolmer Hill School in the mid 1970s
Romance and Sex at Woolmer Hill School in the 1970s

Exeter student life
I was a student at Exeter University from 1980 to 1983. I have posted some memories and reflections.
74 Old Tiverton Road
Exeter University student diary 1982
The end of student life (fiction)

Grammatical terms in English
I have briefly explained and commented on some grammatical terms
Adverbs and adverbials
Complement (aka predicative)
Sentence elements

Comments on Books
I have included in this blog comments which have come to mind after reading certain books. Most do not rank as full book reviews.
ANDERSON, Benedict,Imagined Communities, Verso: 1983, 2006.
CALLINICOS, Alex, Bonfire of Illusions, Polity Press 2009.
LICHTHEIM, George - Imperialism, Penguin 1971.
MAGEE, Bryan – Popper, Fontana 1973.
McEWAN, Ian - The Cement Garden, Vintage 2006 (first published 1978).
PERUTZ, Leo - The Master of the Day of Judgment, Harvill 1994
POTOK, Chaim, The Gift of Asher Lev, Fawcett Books 1990.

As the title suggests, posts on other matters.
Charlie Kunz: a personal reflection