21 December 2006

A Primer of Freudian Psychology - Calvin S. Hall 1954

Mentor Books 1954

The fact that this Freudian primer was written over fifty years ago takes nothing away from its worth in introducing the topic. The book starts by placing Freud in historical context, i.e. an era in which science was probing areas previously concealed. The book also links Freud’s psychoanalytic system into discoveries of physical science such as the transferability and non-destructibility of energy.

Starting with an analysis of the id, ego and superego, the book then develops Freud’s key concepts. The author acknowledges that in his long life and mass of writing Freud changed and modified his views. The author, however, attempts to portray Freud in his most developed (i.e. mature) period. The book is about psychoanalysis, but is not medically oriented for those interested in psychotherapy.

The book is written is clear and easy to read English.

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