5 March 2009

Miliband hides the torture of Binjam Mohamed

It is hard to see how the Miliband’s suppression of the details of Binyam Mohamed’s torture by the Americans is even in the government’s own interests.

Not only does his tortured logic for covering up the information make Miliband look ridiculous, but precisely because everybody knows Binyam was in fact tortured, the speculation over the details will continue. Had the government ‘come clean’ the story would have died much sooner.

If ever released alive and sane, this Binyam Mohamed can presumably give first hand testimony of the details his torture at the hands of the Americans.

If this Binyam Mohamed has held British resident status, then even though he is an Ethiopian citizen, it is clear that this country owes him a duty of care; even David Miliband seems to recognise this.

Apart from humanitarian grounds, he should be returned to Britain for two reasons: first, so that the details of his torture at the hands of the Americans can be properly documented; and second we need to enquire into his activities and his kidnap.

All the information should then be placed into the public domain.

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