7 August 2009

Brothels & Casinos on the British High Street

Some say it is all wrong that the British High Street now filled with betting shops, casinos and lap dancing parlours. However two issues are confused.

One issue is: do people have the right to gamble and purchase sexual services. In a liberal society, the answer is ‘yes.’

The second issue is whether promoters of these activities have a basic right to display their wares in the public space: e.g. glaring shop fronts, advertisements on TV, etc. Although that is a matter for the democratic polity, my own view is that public space should be free of such things.

If punters wish to find addresses for sex and gambling, then a few clicks on-line should lead them to appropriate places. They don’t need a brothel and casino either side of the now shut-down Woolworths on the High Street.

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