28 September 2009

Brown doesn't deserve one progressive vote

If you juxtapose New Labour with the Tories, you might scrape together a case for Gordon Brown, in the same way that if you compared the Tories with the BNP you would find for David Cameron.

Yet the key point is that New Labour have been a foul government and don’t deserve a single vote from progressive people in Britain.

Progressive politics means a move to social equality and an expansion of freedom. Blair and Brown, by contrast, have made Britain its most unequal since 1945, have crashed the economy, have engaged in US imperial wars and have created a surveillance society with diminished political and personal liberties.

The Labour conference this week will decide nothing for itself because the party itself no longer enjoys any meaningful democracy or debate.

If the left wants a political party, it has to build one. Sniffing around the putrid carcass of New Labour is a perverse distraction.

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