8 January 2010

Some political concepts defined non-academically

What is capitalism?

System where the means of production, distribution and exchange are largely in private hands and are used for profit. Such a system has huge impact on people and society (e.g. wealth and power distribution)

What is the working class?

All those people in the poorest two thirds of society who live largely or exclusively from their wages and who are engaged in production, distribution, exchange, R&D, education, and in state bureaucracy. Add on to that people who would be doing that (the unemployed and sick) and those who did (the retired).

What is the Left?

Advocates of a fundamental transfer of economic resources to the working class, (except perhaps lazy bastards and criminals)

Supports extension of civil liberties, personal freedoms and democratic political rights

Left right attitude table of attitudes in polarities

Internationalist: Nationalistic
Golden age in future: Golden age in past
Equality: Hierarchy
Reason: Intuition
Secular: Religious
Rights: Duties

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