23 December 2010

Asking for a kiss

There is something wrong in my mind with the response the author is advocating - at least where the situation does not threaten violence.

Man: "Hey, give me a kiss it’s Christmas." And the woman calls the police to report a crime.

I would like to see a society in which young women felt empowered rather than be treated as helpless victims of male predation who need state support to walk down the street.

Unless an interaction comes to direct physical assault, the inferior position of the woman is purely psycho-social. It can be overcome. She can choose what to do: a relatively mild but firm, “Leave me alone.” to a stronger “Fuck off!”

That works with most men. And for those who continue to hassle the woman, yes then involve the police.

After all, few want a society in which men can’t flirt with women because of fear of prosecution and because of gender equality considerations woman couldn’t flirt with men either. The good intentions of the article writer pave the road to Hell.

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