1 May 2015

Education is not employment skills

"There is no difference between academic skills and employment skills,"

This is such utter nonsense it is hard to take seriously a person who would say it. Why? A person with good employment skills is someone (rightly or wrongly) who can sell him or herself to those with money and power. A good academic is someone who can discover the truth despite money and power.

With the subordination of university academic life in Britain to money and power, it will soon be the case that serious academic work can only done outside universities.

I am not making any moral evaluation about seeking employment. We all do it. When I am at work I carry out tasks according to the instructions of someone else. I execute those tasks irrespective of whether I think what I am doing is effective or not, right or wrong.

When I study my state of mind is quite different. I am concerned with what is true. I answer to nobody. Money and power has no purchase. My state of mind is quite different.

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