22 October 2015

Jeremy Corbyn needs the mandatory re-selection of Labour MPs

Jeremy Corbyn needs socialists in the next Parliament, so right-wing Labour MPs need to be booted out by their Constituency Labour Parties.

In the middle of October, Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, more or less told the Parliamentary Labour Party that he opposed any move by the party membership to replace Blairite MPs with socialists. He thinks by doing this he can stabilise the party and win support for his leadership. He is wrong: the Labour right will never support him.

The time for the left to act in the party is now. Already Corbyn is being pushed to the right by the PLP. In little more than a year, the call for unity in time for the next election will go up; and the left will be framed as wreckers, if they haven’t re-oriented the Party by then.

The next Parliament needs a contingent of socialist Labour MPs - if not there is no chance of a genuine progressive government. That’s why the left should seize its opportunity now, and Corbyn is foolish to side with the PLP against his own supporters.

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