1 April 2017

Corbyn should realise that Brexit will screw working people

Jeremy Corbyn is wrong to support and downplay Brexit. He should oppose processes which attack working people.

March 29th 2017 saw the British Government finally triggering Article 50 to start the two year process of leaving the European Union. In the House of Common, Jeremy Corbyn hardly made headlines when he repeated his Brexit mantra “Brexit is the will of the people,” and no to Britain becoming a low tax, low regulation economy.

Quite clearly Corbyn doesn’t feel strongly about Brexit. He probably thinks it is an issue which will just fade away. Or he might even harbour illusions of it granting his vainly hoped-for majority Labour government, elected in 2020, extra powers. In the meantime, however, he wants to concentrate on economic issues and leave talking about Brexit to others.

But what Corbyn fails to understand is the link between Brexit and the increased exploitation of working people. Brexit is already causing capital flight, for instance the news the following day that Lloyds and J. P. Morgan were moving some of their operations outside the UK. And on top of that, much more capital simply won’t flow into Britain in the first place. Trade barriers increase costs. So put simply the Tories, to maintain profit levels, will need to increase exploitation through a further cutting of wages, taxes,employment rights and benefits.

It won’t be long before the economic price of Brexit becomes obvious. And Corbyn will pay heavily for his foolishness in co-sponsoring Brexit with the May Government.

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